Responsibilities/Duties – detailed

  1. Maintain a daily log of important phone calls, requests, repairs, meetings, etc.
  2. Greet visitors who come to the door; answer the phone, screen, and direct calls, take and deliver messages; and receive and route messages from answering machine. 
  3. Be familiar with God’s Pantry procedures in order to field inquiries over the phone. Maintain a stock of emergency food boxes in the office and distribute as necessary. Replenish stock from God’s Pantry in the basement when needed.
  4. Handle incoming and outgoing mail correspondence, delivering to appropriate person. Open and file bills as directed by treasurer. File checks for Sunday bank deposit.
  5. Maintain church email account, forwarding messages on to others as necessary and handling requests as they arrive.
  6. Assist the Pastor in managing church’s social media and website.
  7. Thoroughly proofread all communications and publications.
  8. Prepare and send semi-weekly email “blasts” to highlight upcoming functions or special events.
  9. Prepare weekly bulletin announcements in conjunction with the Pastor.
  10. Copy and distribute weekly bulletins (prepared by Pastor and Organist/Choirmaster) and announcement pages for worship as well as other occasional programs for special events. 
  11. Gather information for and produce quarterly newsletter. Distribute via email and mail.
  12. Maintain and improve, where possible, current office filing, catalogs and church keys.
  13. Order office supplies as needed after consultation with the Pastor. Arrange for delivery of flowers from florists for worship services. Notify the Water Shop when there is a need for more bottled water.
  14. Update and keep current church bulletin boards and pamphlet rack.
  15. Channel to the Pastor pertinent information regarding the sick, the hospitalized, shut-ins, death notifications, etc.
  16. Maintain current records and statistics on all church members with regard to membership, births, marriages, deaths, graduations, transfers, newly elected officers, and service on church boards and committees in church membership and session minutes books.
  17. Prepare certificates of baptism, membership, ordination, and transfer of membership.
  18. Prepare necessary notices of meetings or other official mailings (including agendas and minutes) of the Session, Deacons, and Trustees, as well as other committee meetings.
  19. Keep custodial staff apprised of upcoming events and details relating to room arrangements.
  20. Keep a record of all church function reservations.
  21. Coordinate master church calendar of meetings and events, sending reminders prior to. 
  22. Act as liaison to the community groups who utilize the building and track rent payments.
  23. Coordinate building use requests with the Trustees via building usage request form.
  24. Collect reports from church boards and committees for the Annual Report and maintain data records for various church directories.
  25. If the last to leave, close up building, checking to see that all doors are locked, proper lights are out, heating & air conditioning are at proper levels, and building alarm is set.
  26. Perform other general and occasional secretarial and office duties included as part of the office administrator’s work but that cannot be defined in advance. 

Second Presbyterian Church

Eighth & Waller Streets Portsmouth, OH 45662     740-353-4159

Office Administrator JOB DESCRIPTION 

The Office Administrator is responsible for presenting a positive image to those who contact the church by phone, email, or in person and to provide administrative support to various boards, committees, and community groups who utilize the church building. 

  • Ours is a large building with many steps. You may be called upon to show people around the building or help carry things up or down the stairs.
  • If not familiar with the ins and outs of the Presbyterian Church, work with the Pastor to learn our structure and vocabulary. Also possibly attend a church officer training event.  
  • A state background check may be required through the local sheriff’s office (paid for by the church)