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The Power of a Fragile Community 

A sermon for Ascension Sunday 

Based on 1 John 5:9-13 and Acts 1:1-11

Irrational Hope 

A sermon for Pentecost Sunday 

Based on Acts 2:1-21 and Ezekiel 47:1-4 

We were so pleased to be invited to be part of Portsmouth's Southern Ohio Medical Center's new commercial! Expected to air in October and November, this ad campaign will focus on the importance of lung cancer screening and how early detection saves lives. (November is lung cancer awareness month.)  

It was a good day at Second Pres when our Choral Scholars (students in the B.F.A. Musical Theatre program at SSU) presented "Day by Day" from the musical "Godspell," accompanied by Dr. Stan Workman, in worship on Sun, April 29. 

Waller Street entrance to Second Presbyterian Church at dusk


Sun, July 1

Worship at 9:30am -- Join us for a special worship service with our friends from First Presbyterian Church as we pray for our community, our state, and our nation and celebrate Communion!

Lunch to follow worship -- Menu: BBQ pork, cole slaw, hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad, chips, iced tea, & lemonade – and APPLE PIE for dessert!

2nd Annual Apple Pie Baking Contest -- Bragging rights are on the line for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place apple pies! Judges include a member of First Pres, a member of Second Pres, and a mystery *CELEBRITY JUDGE* from the community!  

Deadline to enter the contest is Sun, June 24 by contacting the Second Pres church office (740-353-4159 or ). 




Second Presbyterian Church - Portsmouth, OH



Sermon podcast:  


In this podcast: 

1. Prayer for Illumination   
2. Epistle reading  Romans 8:22-27 
3. Gospel reading  John 15:26-27, 16:4b-15 
4. Anthem "Gracious Spirit, Dwell with Me"  (K. Lee Scott) 
5. New Testament reading  Acts 2:1-21 
6. Old Testament reading  Ezekiel 37:1-14 (from Eugene Peterson's "The Message" version of the Bible) 
7. Sermon  "Irrational Hope" 

Sermon excerpt: 
“I’ll breathe my life into you,” God says, “and you will live.”

God speaks this promise through Ezekiel to the valley of dry bones, and the lifeless bones are transformed into living, breathing bodies.

God speaks this promise through the Holy Spirit to the disciples, and the church – the body of Christ on earth – is born.  

And on this day of Pentecost, God again speaks this promise of the breath of life and irrational hope to us.

PS Listen to more of Pastor Allison's sermons on her sermon podcast HERE. 

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